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Imaris - Scientific Data Visualization & Analysis Software

Developed by Bitplane, an interactive microscopy image analysis software company.

"From neuron analysis to cell visualization, and batch processing to development, the Full Spectrum gives you the full power of Imaris at your fingertips."



The available Full Spectrum version for 3/4D image visualization and analysis includes all available modules:

  • Imaris - Bitplane's core software module delivering basic functionality.
  • ImarisTrack- The most powerful live cell imaging software for tracking and analysis.
  • ImarisCell - Specifically designed for the analysis of 2D, 3D and 4D cell images.
  • FilamentTracer - The intelligent way to visualize and measure filamentous structures.
  • ImarisLineage - Enables the study of cell lineages, including cell division detection.
  • ImarisColoc - Powerful colocalization analysis for multiple bio components.
  • ImarisXT - Two-way interface from Imaris to classic programming languages.
  • ImarisVantage - Extract more from your data, and visualize your cells in 4D.
  • ImarisBatch - Subsystem for processing 2D, 3D, and 4D image series in a batch.
  •   MeasurementPro - Extract critical statistical parameters from your microscopy images.
  • Voloom - Intuitive and automated software solution for 3D alignment.
  •   AutoQuant X3 - Advanced software to restore your datasets’ vital details.