Löwenkids - Long-term study on the development of the immune system of children

Contact:                    Prof. Dr. Rafael Mikolajczyk, Dr. Cornelia Gottschick

Duration:                    since April 2015

Funding:                     IMEBI and Helmholtz Center for Infection Research Braunschweig

Further information: www.loewenkids-study.de


Every child undergoes a large number of infectious diseases in the first years of life. We want to determine the influence of infections (e.g., colds or gastrointestinal diseases) and vaccinations in the first years of life on the emergence of chronic diseases. We also want to examine the protective influence of microorganisms.

Relevant publications:

Gottschick C, Raupach-Rosin H, Langer S, Hassan L, Horn J, Dorendorf E, Caputo M, Bittner M, Beier L, Rübsamen N, Schlinkmann K, Zoch B, Guzman CA, Hansen G, Heselich V, Holzapfel E, Hübner J, Pietschmann T, Pieper DH, Pletz M, Riese P, Schmidt-Pokrzywniak A, Hartwig S, von Kaisenberg C, Aydogdu M, Buhles M, Dressler F, Eberl W, Haase R, von Koch FE, Feidicker S, Frambach T, Franz HGB, Guthmann F, Koch HG, Seeger S, Oberhoff C, Pauker W, Petry KU, Schild RL, Tchirikov M, Röhrig E, Karch A, Mikolajczyk R. Cohort profile: The LoewenKIDS Study - life-course perspective on infections, the microbiome and the development of the immune system in early childhood (2019) International Journal of Epidemiology