The profile area Clinical Studies and Biostatistics (KSB) serves to strengthen patient-oriented clinical research as well as health services research and thus the focus development of the University Medical Center Halle. The area bundles the activities of the core facility “Methodical advanced training and biostatistics advice for doctoral students and young scientists” and biostatistical research at the IMEBI. This area also includes biometric responsibility for clinical studies, which are supported by the Coordination Center for Clinical Studies Halle (KKSH).

The research focus of the profile area is on methods from life cycle analysis for correlated event times with a focus on the areas of oncology, cardiovascular medicine and health services research. This includes correlated data in multicenter clinical trials, families, geographic regions, and meta-analyzes. In addition, methods for the analysis of recurrent events such as hospitalizations or infections are to be further developed. Another aspect is the correct interpretation of the results of the Cox regression in randomized clinical trials.

The planned research projects also deal with methods for analyzing competing events - called competing risk models - with which, for example, different disease states can be described. They are intended to make the frailty models, which have so far rarely been used in medical research, with which connections and differences between patient groups can be explained and compared, as an important method, and give users recommendations for action.