Developing International research collaboration in Ethiopia to support oncology at primary Health care levels

Contact:  Prof. Eva Kantelhardt

Duration: 1.6.2022 – 31.05.2024



Three main aims of the DINKNESH project:

A) Capacity building: To train “cancer experts” among Ethiopian lower and mid-level health professionals and within the population. They will be the first contact persons toraise awareness, link within the health system and serve as a main source of information for women in rural areas to assure no one is left behind. Culturally sensitive eLearning material will be designed, assessed and provided for selected individuals from public and among health workers.

B) Health system advancement: To equip lower level health systems with a functional infrastructure and equipment, context-specific guidelines and functional management structures so that to improve the continuum of care.

C) Research development: To generate an expert researcher team producing in-depth evidence how to best integrate oncology care into the rural primary health care system. To improve competence for collection of high quality real-time data and contextualizing questions within the framework of international collaboration and governance.