RECENT - A multi-stakeholder perspective on infection control in reception centers for asylum seekers during the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany

Contact: Dr. med. Amand Führer

Duration: April 2021 - September 2022

Funding: Volkswagen Foundation

More information can be found on the homepage of Volkswagen Foundation.


This mixed methods study investigates how the COVID-19 pandemic is handled in reception centers for asylum seekers. Hereby, this project’s focus is on mapping which measures were taken to prevent and/or contain outbreaks of COVID-19 and how these measures affected the lifes of people living and working in reception centers, respectively. 

In a next step, these results will then be condensed into best-practice recommendations that can be used to improve the management of the current pandemic and potential future epidemics.

This project is conducted in cooperation with the Health Services Research Unit at Witten/Herdecke University (head of department: Prof. Patrick Brzoska).